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A Little-Known Service That Could Save You A Fortune

Transmissions are vital--and incredibly expensive to fix or replace.

A reminder on why you should ask your trusted service advisor about your transmission fluid.

Escape Tools, An Overlooked Must-Have Safety Accessory

A little more than a decade ago Jesse Morgan nearly lost his life when a drunk driver plowed into his vehicle, trapping him inside.

The incident left Morgan shaken, and the CEO of Morgan Manufacturing invented a tool that would get him out of a similar jam in the future.

The Telltale Sign Your Battery’s In Trouble

Corrosion is never a good thing, especially when it comes to your vehicle’s battery.

But why does it happen and what can you do about it?

Driving in Bad Weather? Major Storm Safety Tips

Anyone who has driven through late-summer storms knows they appear quickly and present major challenges for travelers.

See what emergency experts suggest for staying safe.

Ceramic Coating: A Futuristic Finish That Will Last For Years

Imagine if you could keep your vehicle looking great year round with minimal amount of effort.

Ceramic coating promises to do that. Learn about this new trend in car care.

Deal With Drips, Drops Before They Become Expensive Problems

A puddle beneath your vehicle is an alarming sight. You don’t need to be a certified technician to know this is serious.

Time to turn to an expert to see exactly what’s going wrong.

A Look Back On 80 Years of Super Rides From 'Man of Steel'

Superman flies at supersonic speeds and has been to space on countless occasions.

But did you know he’s also been behind the wheel more than a few times?

Don't Let Fear Strike When 'Check Engine' Lights Up Your Dash

No one wants to see a “check engine” light on the dashboard. Thankfully, it doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive repair waits on the horizon.

Neither should a check engine light be ignored, however. Here’s why.

Showstopping Tips From Expert Detailer At Hot August Nights

Meet Laurie Cross, owner of Distinct Auto Detailing in Reno, Nevada, who has prepared more than a few cars for Hot August Nights over the years.

Learn which one is her favorite, and what she suggests for keeping your car looking sharp.

Make Those Messes Disappear In A Hurry With Wet/Dry Vacuum

The cleanliness of your vehicle’s cabin affects its appearance and your health. From pollens to dust and mites, your cabin attracts a variety of allergens.

The answer: The humble yet versatile wet/dry vac.