Car Car Tips & Other News

The Versatile Fluid That Changed The World

What’s yellow or green, crucial to your engine and turns 100 this year? It’s antifreeze. Learn the explosive history of this often overlooked chemical.

Help Your Car Shine Along Winter Roads

Winter rain, snow and sleet can create lasting damage both inside and out of your vehicle.

So staying on top of car care isn’t easy this time of year, but here are some tips to see you through the storms.

Healthy Choices: Stretching Your Limits

The Internet is filled with creative ways to get and stay fit, even while on a road trip. One fun and simple method gets drowned out in a sea of more expensive fitness options--the simple stretch band.

The Little Gauge Which Saves You Big Money

Behold the humble yet indispensable tire gauge. These useful little devices were introduced more than a century ago. And now they’ve got a high tech difference--good news for every driver in your family.

Frigid In Your Car? Could Be Quick, Easy Fix

You shouldn’t have to wear a jacket to stay warm in your vehicle this winter. The climate control system may simply need some minor adjustments before traveling for the upcoming holidays.

How To Avoid Wildlife Accidents This Season

We’ve all seen yellow warning signs about wildlife crossings. The danger is a real--and potentially expensive--problem for drivers on rural roads. Here are some tips for preserving local fauna and preventing your vehicle from ending up in a ditch.

Don't Drive In Haze, Remove Filmy Glare

Learn what causes that cloudy film on the inside of your windshield and what gets rid of it.

Treat Your Eyes To Cleaner, Brighter Headlights

A bright, shiny new set of bulbs placed inside a pair of clean headlights reduces eyestrain and improves your view of the road.

And that’s vitally important this time of year as night driving becomes the norm.

First Hues of Autumn, First Hint of Trouble?

Fall brings the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes and picturesque foliage. But it’s also the season to address any vehicle problems before winter rushes in.

Cracks in Windshield? Tips On Replacement

Those pebble chips your windshield suffered in summer can turn into an large autumn crack. Read these suggestions when choosing the right glass replacement.