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Ford Announces New Resource and Engagement Center in Bangkok

Ford's latest philanthropic endeavor resides in Bangkok, providing services like food distribution, tax return preparation, education and job initiatives and legal assistance.

Ford Invests $1 Billion In Chicago Plants, Creates 500 New Jobs

Ford is investing $1 billion in Chicago and creating 500 new jobs as the auto manufacturer prepares to launch three highly anticipated new SUVs that go on sale later this year.

Multipoint Inspection: Assessing Winter's Toll On Your Ride

Heavy winter storms have thrown their punches and your vehicle rolled with all of it. Now’s the time to reward those efforts with a thorough vehicle inspection while the weather’s calm.

Great Escapes: National Treasures Located Within Easy Reach

Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon typically get all the love when we think about National Parks.

But the National Park Service tends to a whole variety of landmarks, historic sites and recreation areas as well. Rediscover some of these gems that are worth the drive.

Go Green With Wash Spray Nozzles That Also Save Time

Saving water also means saving money and a precious resource for drought-prone areas. A quality hose nozzle can dramatically cut down on the amount of water used for keeping your pride-and-joy clean.

Spring Brakes Feeling Spongy? Time For Check-Up

Months can pass without us giving our brakes a second thought. Then, one evening commute, you calmly press on the pedal.

Instead of slowing down, you suddenly notice a sea of red taillights rapidly approaching your windshield.

Wash Mitts Not Just For Car Care All-Stars

There's something about a mitt that feels comfortable, especially as little leaguers and major leaguers everywhere dust off their hats and bats for spring training.

The same is true for car washing. Mitt or sponge? See why wash mitts are becoming the fielder's choice for car care.

Technology That Keeps An Eye On Teen, Elderly Drivers

Fleet managers have long held the ability to monitor where their drivers are and how fast they are going.

Now that technology is finding its way into modern vehicles, and companies are marketing it to people who share their vehicles with inexperienced, elderly or perhaps untrustworthy drivers.

Banish Performance-Robbing Crud From Your Engine

Whether it’s a flashy sports car or an older vehicle that’s seen better days, the engine is vulnerable to carbon buildup.

Learn how carbon deposits invade your engine, how they can diminish your fuel economy and what you can do about it.

Safety Reminders For Foggy Weather Driving

Driving becomes particularly dangerous this time of year as fog blankets roadways and cuts visibility, leaving drivers with shorter reaction times.

Here’s some safety reminders for driving in heavy fog.