Car Care

Battle of the Grime: Protecting Wheels From Soiled Roads

Washing your wheels in the winter can feel like an exercise in futility, but rinsing them off every so often can keep them looking great during harsh winter driving.

That’s especially true if you live where they salt the roads or you’re splashing around in dingy storm water driving in the rain.

Prepare Your Interior Against Wet Weather

Sniffling and suffering from a scratchy throat every time you drive to work? It may not be the weather, but it might be your interior.

Your shoes track snow, mud, road salt, ice, filth and moisture into the car and carpet. Here are some tips to a clean, allergy-free interior this winter.

5 Ways to Ready Your Ride For Winter Wrath

Winter takes plenty of cheap shots at your vehicle, but a little prep and routine maintenance now makes all the difference when severe weather strikes.

Here’s five helpful tips to ready your ride for severe weather.

Rinseless wash lets you drop the hose, save water

Sometimes using a hose and bucket just doesn’t make sense for washing a car.

That’s especially true in drought-stricken areas where water is an expensive commodity. Apartment dwellers and urbanites also face challenges looking for an available faucet and appropriate location.