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Your Battery Wants to Tell You Something

A dead battery is one of the most inconvenient aspects of owning a vehicle.

Fortunately, batteries rarely die without warning. The key is to listen to what it is trying to tell you. Here’s how to pick up on those hints.

How to Keep Outside From Ruining Inside

You picked the kids up from football practice and they piled into the car--soaking cleats and all.

Mud and stains embed themselves in the previously pristine carpet, and the interior takes on a musty odor.

How can you prevent this from happening to you? Well, rubber floor mats are a good place to start this fall.

5 Ways to Ready Your Ride For Winter Wrath

Winter takes plenty of cheap shots at your vehicle, but a little prep and routine maintenance now makes all the difference when severe weather strikes.

Here’s five helpful tips to ready your ride for severe weather.

Reading The Lines: Cracks in Your Glass

Just like a punctured tire, a chipped windshield can sometimes be repaired instead of replaced.

It all depends on the type, size, depth and location of the damage. Here’s some handy tips to tell if you might need a repair or a replacement.

Would You Dare Enter These Spooky Spots?

These are the places that try a person’s soul.

Across the country there are haunted houses, spooky highways and old prison hospitals with reports of paranormal activity.

Enter these places if you dare.

Those Important First Steps In Teen Safety

Wondering what kind of driver your teen will be when you’re not around? Start by observing your own habits behind the wheel.

Setting a good example and talking with teens about the hazards they face can help keep them aware and informed, so says former U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Give Your Ride A Brake After Summer

Brakes operate in high temperatures under normal conditions, and months of summer heat only tax the system further.

Experts urge drivers to conduct a post-summer brake inspection to see how well your stopping system is holding up after months of intense weather.

Get Rid of Those Ugly Dents, Door Dings

You just went through the carwash and the vehicle’s looking clean. But now those dents, nicks and small imperfections stand out even more.

The good news is you don’t have to live with those minor dents and dings.

Seasonal Alerts For Early Fall Weather

You never know. And that’s the point. September marks “National Preparedness Month” and safety agencies are using the opportunity to emphasize emergency planning.

Here’s what they’re suggesting you do to prepare for life’s worst-case scenarios.

Seasonal Harvest Fairs Dot Our American Landscape

Fall festivals might be the best part of the season. The Oktoberfests, harvest fairs and unique festivals this time of year celebrate nature’s bounty with flair.

Chances are there’s one near you. Check out this list of notable celebrations across the country.