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Stay Comfy All Winter With Climate Control System Inspection

How can you keep your passenger cabin comfortable when you can see steam coming off your breath?

Get your climate control system checked out and you’ll be comfy and cozy behind the wheel all winter long.

Snow Sculpture Event Draws Carving Artists To Annual Winterfest

Snow sculpting can be a simple as families building a snowman on their front lawn--like the Griswolds in Family Vacation.

Then there are those experts who compete in international competitions to see who can best blend art and science in innovative ways.

Watch for Battery Fatigue As Temps Drop During Winter

Your car has sat in the airport's frigid long-term parking lot for several days now. You approach, and the remote unlock doesn’t work and the interior lights won’t turn on.

How can you avoid inconvenient battery problems this holiday season?

Holiday Gift Guide For Your Family Drivers

The holidays are all but upon us and there’s shopping to do for the driver in your life (even if that is you).

What gizmos, gadgets and goodies are hot for the new year?

Battle of the Grime: Protecting Wheels From Soiled Roads

Washing your wheels in the winter can feel like an exercise in futility, but rinsing them off every so often can keep them looking great during harsh winter driving.

That’s especially true if you live where they salt the roads or you’re splashing around in dingy storm water driving in the rain.

Dead Battery? There's A Solution For That

For years a dead battery meant pulling out the jumper cables and hoping someone in the parking lot would help you.

Now drivers can rely on portable devices to revive a car battery, no assistance required.

Agencies Ramp Up Holiday Enforcement

Families are not the only ones making plans for the holidays. Enforcement officials are preparing massive campaigns aimed at curtailing accidents.

Expect to see more officers on patrol and major street checkpoints throughout the holiday season.

Candid Talk Improves Teen Driver Safety

Parents naturally are hardwired to worry about their teen drivers. Yet, studies show that parents who talk to kids about driving safety have less to be concerned about.

Find out how a candid chat with teen drivers can help them navigate increasingly difficult traffic on city roads and highways.

Take Time for Winter Brake Safety Check

Remember your last sudden stop while driving?  How quickly your vehicle stops depends on numerous factors including speed, weight of the car, condition of the brakes and road condition. Are your brakes up to the winter road challenge?

Prevent Slips, Slides On Slick Winter Roads

Oil and grime accumulated on summer roads leaches out of pavement during autumn rains.

How can your vehicle's tires help prevent slips and slides on slick, wet roads?