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Keep Your Family Safe At Swimming Holes

Fishing holes and rivers are enticing to travelers looking for a refreshing break from the road.

Yet, unexpected dangers lurk in any unfamiliar body of water. Here are some life-saving tips from experts.

A View From Your Seat: National Parks

There are national parks meant for hiking and camping under the stars. And there are destinations with grand views for drive-through tourists.

Here’s a list of stunning national parks for harried travelers.

Top 10 List of Summer Travel Accessories

Summer means a cooler in the trunk, driving with polarized shades and staying hydrated.

What else should you pack before the next summer road adventure? We’ve got ten great tips for your family.

How To Keep it Cool On Summer Roads

Plenty of motorists may find themselves pulled over steam billowing from underneath the hood this summer.

Before you get steamed, take some time to prepare for hot weather problems. Here is some sage advice about avoiding vehicle breakdown.

Don't Let Searing Sun Bake Vehicle Surfaces

There’s so much to love about that new car shine. Problem is, the environment won’t let it stay that way.

Some simple maintenance keeps your car looking good--and its resale value high.

Are Your Tires Ready For Those Hot Roads?

We ask a lot of our tires, especially throughout summer.

Here are some tips to get better performance and longer wear from critical safety equipment--your vehicle tires.

Tips on Taking Photos With Mobile Phones

Smartphone cameras are one of the most important innovations of the 21st century. We use these wonders to photograph meals and capture our surroundings.

Here’s some tips for snapping the best pics.

Driving Tips for Spring Rains on Flooded Plains

Meteorologists say spring floods could be intense in 2017, and the National Weather Service offers some blunt advice for anyone considering driving through a flooded roadway: Don’t.

As little as a foot of moving water can sweep away a small vehicle.

JFK Landmarks Get Ready For Celebration

President John F. Kennedy stared down fascism in World War II and set America’s sights on a lunar landing.

On May 28, 2017, the National Park Service and other institutions around the country are celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Teen Tips for Safe Prom Night Driving

While they generally trust their teenage drivers, parents usually harbor grave concerns about the other drivers on the road.

That is especially true of prom night when your teen's friends may not be so careful. Embrace the conversation.